5 Websites to start your freelance career

5 Websites to start your freelance career

Work from home has been a part of the new “norm” because of the current situation. Websites that give the opportunity for freelancers to work remotely have been massively popular over the last two years. I know most of us are interested in this new trend that is why I list 5 websites that you can check out if you want to start your freelance journey.

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This platform provides job opportunities in different fields who are looking for both short and long-term work. Every minute different clients from different locations posts job that you can click on and send proposals to.

Before submitting a proposal you would first need to create an account that will serve as your online resume. It will need to be verified and approved first. You will get an email that informs you if you are accepted or not. Don’t be discouraged if you did not get accepted as you can resubmit again. On the other hand, if you get accepted you can start looking for your first gig. Upwork deducts 20% of your earning and the deduction gets smaller to 10% when you reach earn $500 from your client and it goes down to 5% when you reach your $10,000 earning from that same client



Another popular website for people looking for remote work is Freelancer. Same as Upwork, creating an account with Freelancer is free. What differentiates them is that they have a combination of job posts and contests that you can join. You can earn from joining and winning a design contest. You will just have to compete with hundreds of designers, but hey it is worth the shot. You can even submit a previous artwork you already have that matches the category. Although if you are looking for fast money this might not be the best platform for you as it takes time to get and establish work from clients.



Etsy is more of an arts and crafts eCommerce site. If you are someone who is fond of selling physical or digital products this is the site for you. You will need to create a store. Keep in mind that you need to have a credit card in order for you to open a store because that is where they will deduct the listing fee that costs around $0.20 which will last for 4 months until the item is sold. There is also a transaction fee of 5% on the sale price. If you accept payments through Etsy Payments, they also collect a 4.5% + $0.51 payment processing fee when an item is sold.

I know it sounds like a lot of deduction but since Etsy is such a popular marketplace and you are just starting there is a big chance that your product will get noticed. You can start selling there and eventually shift to other more affordable platforms.



For those looking for one-time gigs and for those who would like to advertise and promote their gigs Fiverr is for you. You can set your own packages and fees and you can even customize and add more information about the services you offer. This way it will be easier for your future clients to gain more understanding about the terms and conditions you set. Fiverr offers so many categories for every industry and that is a plus because they can cater to a lot of people, meaning more job opportunities for every profession. Keep in mind that they charge 20% fees on every order and charge a $2 service fee to the buyer.



Preply is a website for those who have a passion for teaching. They are not very strict when it comes to your credentials as long as you are able to teach and communicate effectively. You will need to have your account verified first in order for you to look for potential students.

What I like about this is that you can actually earn in just 1 hour and if the student wishes to extend that is additional money for you. The downside is you will do 1 free session for every new student. You just need to impress them so they would avail themselves more classes with you. For all subsequent lessons, the commission varies from 33 to 18% and depends on the number of completed lesson hours with students.


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