Tips on creating a professional business card on Canva

Another great digital product idea is a business card. It is profitable because not only business owners are looking to have calling cards but also those who are doing freelance services like instructors, coaches, and others that you can think of.

With Canva being available online, you can pretty much create any layouts you like. One of which is business card templates. Creating a design doesn’t need to be complicated you can have it simple but still professional looking.

Black and White Business Card available here.

Here are a few pointers to help you out on starting your business card design in Canva.

This is thin rectangle outline is the print bleed.

The smaller rectangle outline is the margin.

Once you open Canva, I suggest turning on the “show print bleed”. This is because if the design is placed too close to the bleed line there is a chance that it will get cut off. And we don’t want that. So to ensure the best result you would want to keep the design elements within the bleed.

The next suggestion is to show the “margins” as this will be your safe area. Place all the important information like the name, title, email website within that area to make sure it is intact. Especially when your customer prints it.

For the background, you must extend it past the canvas. This is to guarantee that it will cover the entire area and no white spaces are visible (this is if you opt to choose a colored background)

In terms of the font, make sure it is readable. You can choose from the different text combinations and see which one fits the style and theme of your business card.

Color, this one is crucial make sure to choose a color combination that compliments well. I advise you to check out Pinterest for color palette inspirations. This is to help you decide which color works with one another.

Remember, there are available templates in the Canva library, although you may only use them for personal purposes. but If you want to sell it, I suggest that you tweak it or just make your original design. This is because it is against Canva rules to use an existing template created by a Canva Creator and sell it as your own.

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