Top 3 Side Hustles For A Creative People

If you are someone in the creative field and are looking to utilize your skills and earn from them, you have come to the right place. Like you, I am a sucker for side hustles that will eventually grow and replace my 9-5 job. Imagining it makes me want to work harder and achieve it. Because who would not want to have a flexible work schedule where you can spend time with your loved ones. Or to make more time to do the things on your bucket list like traveling.

What I want to talk to you about today are the top 3 side hustles that you can check to see what fits your expertise. These are freelancing, selling, and teaching. From those 3 I was able to try and succeed doing freelance design. I am currently working on selling my work and hopefully will be able to venture out. I want to create courses that will help those who want to pursue graphics and design. 

Let’s start with

Freelance Services

This is a great way to earn extra since the demand for graphic designers is getting higher. More business prefers hiring freelance designers because it is cheaper and the contract is not strict like those in the normal hiring process. You can work on multiple clients as long as you meet the deadlines and the quality of work is still up to standards. It is good to have a lot of clients but it is better if those clients stay or come back because the services you offer are exceptional.

Wondering what services you can offer? I got it covered.

  • Logo design – if you are someone who loves designing logos You can look for a potential client who is starting a business and is interested in a logo to represent his brand. You can also look for those who wish to upgrade or rebrand their existing logo.
  • Brand collaterals – these refer to stationaries like business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and anything that can be used to market a business. I think that with this one there is a potential for continuous work. Since a business owner would want to have a consistent brand design you may be asked to work on their other branding materials. 
  • Advertising Design – this is different from the previous one because this one focuses on the promotions – How to effectively market the products. While on the other hand brand collateral focuses on the brand itself. How it will reflect the consumer and how it will impact them. So for advertising design, you can offer designing posters, brochures, email marketing, and social media ads. Anything that will help advertise a product or service
  • Illustrations – graphic illustrations are another service you can offer. Let’s say you have a talent for cute drawings that you see fit for a children’s book. You can find a children’s book writer who is interested in publishing his work and is looking for someone to add illustrations to it.

Sell Your Work

This Instagram social media template is available o my Canvas shop with 592 exports as of writing this.

Another way to earn extra is by selling your design work. This may not make you a lot of money right away. But this is effective once you already establish a following or community. I think this is worth the time and effort when done right. Some ideas you may want to try out are selling printables. You can try

  • selling planners and calendars – most consumers are fascinated with organizers and this one is no exception. You can come up with different designs from cute to professional-looking planners. Then what you can do is sell them in packs to make them more appealing. You can combine a planner with calendar and note cards. Anything to make your product stand out. 
  • Selling T-shirts and mug prints – this is a classic. There is always a demand in this area. People are continuously looking for good designs for different occasions. and other designers do well in this category, you just need to find your niche. 

Share your Skills

Who says teaching is only for those school subjects. With the internet almost anything is possible, one of them is teaching what you are good at. May it be photography, web design, or drawing. You can now share your knowledge with the world in the comforts of your home. The great part is, you can earn from it.

If this sounds appealing to you, then you might want to start creating your e-courses or e-books. You can even pre-record it and upload it so anyone interested in what you’ll teach will just have purchased it. You don’t even have to repeat yourself over and over just like in a normal classroom setup. Just keep in mind that With this type of side hustle, you will need to be consistent and be focused on your goal if you want to achieve great results.

With that being said, you can start by finding what you are good at and earn from it. Be consistent until you see the results. Once you can say that you are already established in that certain area, then you can venture into other types of the side hustle and so and your income streams. 

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