You can make money selling digital products

You can make money selling digital products

What are digital Products and why start selling it?

Digital products are items you sell online that don’t have a physical form. This includes memberships, digital downloads, ebooks, courses, and a lot more. They are ideal for those aspiring entrepreneurs who do not want to spend huge amounts of money to start their business. Besides, in this day and age digital products have been more convenient for consumers. Well, of course, it is still a case-to-case basis but there are some niches that work well with this type of service or products. These are subscriptions, online courses, checklists, wallpapers, stickers to name a few.

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Advantages of selling digital products

  • Renting a storage place is costly so since it doesn’t have a physical form you won’t need a space to store your products.
  • Customers in most cases receive the product immediately with no hassle on delivery schedule being messed up and high delivery rates.
  •  There aren’t any cost related to production and assembly
  • Inventory will not be an issue. It’s is either surplus or deficits

(If it exports more than it imports and vice versa)

Now that you already got an overview about selling digital products & its advantages. I have created a list of the most profitable digital products to sell online.

Online Course

If you got a passion for teaching why not sell your expertise and turn it into revenue. People will always want to learn something that will be beneficial for their growth. Whether it is upgrading their skills or learning new business strategies, mastering lessons, finding new hobbies, and other things you can think of.

Skillshare is one of those popular websites where you can sign up and upload your courses. You will need to film first then upload it. After that, you can promote it online then start earning from the people who will watch your class. It is said that top-earning teachers earn $100,000 + a year.


Do you already have a following and wish to create a recurring income from serving and helping your community? You must try doing memberships. If you have an online presence in YouTube or Instagram and plan on creating valuable insights for your audience, a membership site can help you build a monthly revenue stream. You can even offer exclusive deals and perks to your members. This is a great way to build your brand and to attract more subscribers.

Kajabi offers integrated subscriptions, courses, and digital products. It is complete with customized pricing and once-click templates. It is an effective platform for entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers. The Basic annual plan starts at 119/month

Digital Templates

Are you on the creative side? Why not try selling design templates and assets. Many company especially start-up businesses are looking for affordable yet beautiful designs to promote their products. This way you don’t only make advertising easier for them but you also gain something from it. This is by earning from every design they purchase or download. Imagine if your product has been downloaded for hundreds or even thousands of times that equates to good money.

Creative Market is an online marketplace for community-generated design assets. They have a vast category from stock photos, web themes, typography, graphics, etc. Creating graphics and posting them there will eventually establish you a passive income.

Stock Photography

Is your hobby photography? You can leverage it and earn from it. People from all over the world are continuously downloading images to put in their blogs, websites, services, etc. Selling your photos can supply you a steady income. Stand out by producing quality photo with good saturation, framing and lighting. Also what will drive exposure to your photo is the relevancy of it to the consumers.

Shutterstock is known for selling stock photography. You create an account, upload your content and make money every time your content is downloaded. You can even earn extra when you refer new contributors and/or customers.

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